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Kahooma - James Hood

James Hood / Pure Ceremony

We originally worked with the James Hood team to fully realise their multi-platform site in 2013. The team returned to us in early 2015 to begin work on coding an updated platform to launch James’ new album; Pure Ceremony. The new site would retain the essential framework of the 2013 site, featuring a full screen, background HTML5 video on the desktop platform, and a range of divergent functionalities on mobile and tablet platforms, with some new additions to functionality, content and design.


We built new platforms from the ground up for all devices, utilising elements from the framework of the original platform where necessary. This allowed us to fully test all new features and functions, whilst removing any unnecessary bulk from the 2013 platforms as we went.

Kahooma - James Hood

Minimum Code, Maximum Functionality

The result was a more streamlined platform, with added layers of responsiveness on desktop systems, along with multi-video support, using Vimeo embeds and HTML5 video scripts. We also reworked the tablet and mobile platforms along the same lines, with minimal code – to keep load times to a minimum – and maximum functionality and usability.

Services rendered

Web development
Joomla CMS, Custom theme, CSS3 Transitions

Full screen video
HTML5 Video elements integration

Multi-platform development
Server-side device recognition, Mobile / iPad / Desktop builds

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