Philosophy: Work Does Not Equal Life

Philosophy of Work - kahooma

As mentioned elsewhere throughout this site, we at kahooma take a slightly more direct approach than is usual to our design and development work. We have all spent time working for various agencies. These experiences were rewarding, but we unanimously agreed that they could also be frustrating. One of the primary things we noticed was how productivity was not very high on the agenda. In fact, it was the opposite; it was actively avoided.

Sweet night or home time?

My aim here is not to bash agencies (we have good friends in various agencies and we have a lot of respect for what they do), but simply highlight the following; there appears to be a culture which runs contrary to how we idealised our work within this industry when we started out. I’m talking about work / life balance. We at kahooma are honest about the fact that we don’t live and breathe for design and web development work.

We live and breathe, and sometimes we work. When we work, we work hard, and we push the limits; always trying to exceed the expectations of our clients. We always work from home. Not having an office means much lower overheads, and these savings are passed on to our clients. No sky high agency fees, but an appreciably similar, if not identical, quality of work, consistently completed before deadlines.

But work is life, right?!

When we started trading, we made a vow that if we ever felt our time spent working had made unreasonable inroads into other areas of our lives, we would immediately re-evaluate our priorities and move things around, even if this meant losing clients. Thankfully, this has always remained at the core of our approach to this work (sometimes through no fault of a our own – acquiring new clients has been pretty tough recently). Don’t get me wrong here; I’m not saying we would ever devalue the work we do for our clients. It’s just that we view our work as a means to an end, not an end in and of itself.

Working from home, setting our own hours, and doing work we enjoy has always been the means which allows us more freedom to live and dedicate time to the other things we enjoy doing, be it photography, art, music, writing, reading, research, or travelling etc. Our work is not our lives; it allows us to live our lives.

We think a hell of a lot more people could benefit from factoring this into their lives. And a hell of a lot more people are actually in a position to do so, whether or not they realise it, especially within our particular sector of industry.


We think it’s about time the web design and development industry as a whole re-evaluated its priorities, and made more room for people who love their work, but also love their lives outside of work.

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