Kahooma - La Mouline

La Mouline: Our French Home

The owners of La Mouline have been clients since their very first website almost 10 years ago. This is the 3rd generation of their site. The client wished for something more modern, with more detail about the house and a focus upon photographic content, ensuring that visitors new and old would see as much of the house as possible before their stay.

Kahooma - La Mouline
Kahooma - La Mouline

Home from Home

With a focus on presenting the house as it is now and the work involved to make this wonderful place, “a home from home for all visitors”, we set to work.¬†This site was created using WordPress, utilising custom page templating, and a fully customised theme. Again, simplicity was key; zero clutter: 100% content. A minimal approach allows the house to sell itself.

Kahooma - La MoulineKahooma - La Mouline


Clear & distinctive branding
Responsive grid, minimal design
WordPress CMS, Custom theme, custom page templating