Kahooma - Charlie Hill

Charlie Hill / Writer.

Charlie Hill is an upcoming writer with rave reviews and critical acclaim. He got in touch with us after a recommendation from another client. His brief was simple; “I need a web presence that gives me options to update my own site and showcase literary works.”






Charlie was running on a fairly tight budget, as at this point his publishers were not paying the bill. This required a scaled-back approach to development work. We utilised some pre-built elements to keep project costs down, and added our own layer of custom code to fulfil the brief.

Kahooma - Charlie HillKahooma - Charlie Hill
Kahooma - Charlie Hill


Our design team worked with Charlie on a variety of visual elements used throughout the site. He needed to be able to link to websites selling his novels, as well as other links where his fiction shorts and non-fiction writing is being published, alongside information on the other projects he’s involved in.

This was easily achieved using custom page templating within the WordPress theme, alongside default core functionality for standard internal content. No major brainstorming was necessary. Simplicity works.

Web Development
Customised theme for WordPress, custom page templating
Content & layout adjustments, custom icons, cover designs